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 Post subject: If Your Programs Won't Run, Then Do This...
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:52 am 

Joined: Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:52 am
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I would humbly suggest to the author that he make this thread a sticky.

If you have installed 8Start and your programs won't run (which seems to be a problem for a lot of people and no one seems to be able to tell them how to solve the problem) and it's driving you nuts, then here is the solution! :)

What is happening, is that you are dragging shortcuts into it, or adding already existing shortcuts through the "Organize Buttons" menu. You can't do that. :) If you do, then 8Start looks at it as you trying to get a shortcut to tell a shortcut to run a program, because 8Start does not just point to something and make it run, but rather, it actually creates its own ".8st" shortcuts in its menu/screen.

So you have to do it differently. And yes, it means deleting all of the ones that you already added to 8Start. You can't edit them and fix them that I saw. I know, I know. Throw soda at the screen. :)

What you have to do (or at least what worked for me), is to manually browse to each and every application and add it's entry manually that way.

This also means that if you have programs that require certain command line arguments, that you'll have to add those manually in the "Command Line Arguments" box when creating the icon. Or you can edit the icon later.

You can check them, by going into your Start Menu for Windows and right clicking on the icon and selecting "Properties" and looking at it there. Check the command line there and see if anything is after the program's file name that runs the program. And remember, that unlike the Start Menu entry in Windows, in 8Start, there is a separate line for any command line arguments that may be needed. You can always copy and paste them. :)

Anyway, this is what worked for me and I hope it helps someone else. :)

 Post subject: Re: If Your Programs Won't Run, Then Do This...
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:26 pm 

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I realize that the solution is to manually browse to each and every application and add it's entry manually, but what puzzles me is that, for me, only one out of five PC's exhibit the problem, which is actually the only PC (laptop) running XP Media, the others run XP pro or Vista Home.

The real downside is the Reboot and Shutdown routines, which I have working by editing the Shutdown command line, but when I change the icons by selecting them with the appropriate routines selected, the transparent background shows in a strange manner in which I no longer have just circular icon buttons, but a strange black octagonal border around them. :roll:

 Post subject: Re: If Your Programs Won't Run, Then Do This...
 Post Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:03 pm 

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Giant Waffle,
From my experience, this is only necessary for 64-bit programs.
I either use the regular "Add" buttons to move desktop shortcuts into 8start or sometimes I use the "Open File Explorer" and drag-and-drop using that. This works (as far as I've seen so far) for every 32-bit program on my system (i.e. everything that is under C:\Program Files (x86)) but won't work for 64-bit programs.

Your method is the only one that seems to work for the 64-bit shortcuts...so it's probably a good idea to use it for everything, but for anyone still on XP or if it's a 32-bit program you're linking on Vista or Win7, you can still do it the easy way.


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